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Bad Breath in English Bulldogs



No one likes to wake up to bad doggy breath in the morning but, unfortunately, when you have a pet English Bulldog, this is sometimes an unpleasant fact. While any dog can get bad breath, Bullies tend to be particularly prone to this problem. There is no one singular reason why these lovely pups get such stinky breath, but there are a few potential culprits.

These dogs may be famous for that distinctive under bite, but it often comes along with crooked teeth, which means they can be harder to keep clean. With a mouth full of tartar, it is no wonder they get bad breath. Those saggy jowls and facial folds do not help, either. As a result, Bullies have a number of hidden folds and pouches in their mouths that can foster bacterial growth or get a buildup of old food, which increases the bad odor coming from the mouth.

If your pooch is suffering from a serious case of bad breath, not all is lost. There are a number of ways that you have tackle this at home. The number one cause of bad breath in dogs is simply poor dental hygiene. Just like us, your Bulldog needs his teeth cleaned regularly to keep them in good condition. You can dog this is old-fashioned way: with a toothbrush and doggy toothpaste (never use human toothpaste, as it can be toxic to dogs).

Alternatively, there are a number of tooth cleaning products on the market, such as chews and wipes. It is also a good idea to make sure the folds around your four-legged friend’s mouth are wiped regularly, and free from any dirt or leftover food. If the odor persists, it is worth going to the vet to rule out an oral infection or the need for a professional tooth scaling.

Products such as Be Fresh Dental Care Solution and Breath Refresher Chews for Dogs might help relieve your pup of his or her stinky breath.

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