Brave Bulldog Even Protects The Movie Characters!


This loyal bulldog is warning its’ “movie human” that danger is lurking.

Lookout little girl, something creepy is coming down the hallway. As this brave bullie barks its warnings to its human, you can’t help but think how cute, funny, and loyal a bulldog can be, even if they don’t really need to warn about the danger. It seems like this bulldog is ready to jump right in to the TV and take care of the human. As close as they are, I can already here my mom telling me about my eyes and TV screens…

My mother would tell me, “if you sit to close to the TV, you’re gonna ruin your eyes”. Although I don’t want much TV anymore, it made me think about how bulldog’s have a number of health issues when it comes to their eyes. Being able to recognize problems before they get worse, is an important task for responsible fur parents.

There are a number of issues with the eye lids that can cause irritation, infection, and discomfort for your bullie. Bulldog’s can get dry eye, pink eye, and cherry eye. If you would like to learn more about eye conditions and bulldogs, I put an article together below.

See it here:

The Eyes Have It, 9 Common Bulldog Eye Problems

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