English Bulldog

Tito – The Lonely Bulldog


Awe, poor Tito. It was a hot day out and considering English Bulldog’s don’t do well in high temperature, Tito had to stick back at the house while his human and GSD went for a walk to the store. The look of sadness and disbelief on Tito’s face though is heartbreaking. I promise Tito, I would never leave you behind.

This is probably also a good time to bring up the point of your fur baby’s paw pads and hot black top or cement, or other surfaces.Yes they do get calloused up, but, think about how hot some surfaces can get… would you want to walk barefoot on the same surface you are asking your fur baby to walk on? If you need to walk them and the surface is hot, consider at least getting some protection for those pads so they don’t get burned.


h/t: YouTube/TheTrevDon

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